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High winds, tree fell on roof damaging it in Central Ohio

Wind Damage To Roof in Central Ohio

Wind damage from storms and wind storms in Central Ohio often result in wind damaged roofs. High winds can cause wind damage to roofs in many forms, some more immediately noticeable and severe than others.

  • Severe damage from trees falling on roof
  • Punctures from tree limbs or flying objects
  • Missing shingles blown off by wind gusts
  • Flashing bent, missing, or mangled
  • Roof shingles loosened or raised
  • Roof shingles flipped up and creased
  • Roof granule loss from object strikes
  • Debris deposits on roof or gutters
While many may think hail damage is the leading cause of roof damage, wind damage to roofs in Columbus and throughout Central Ohio is the most common cause of roof replacement paid for by insurance. 
Ohio wind damaged roof missing shingles blown away

Signs of Roof Damage From Wind Storms

When you have a roof damaged by a fallen tree, it is extremely easy to realize that you have a problem. However, in many cases the damage to your roof is less obvious. Even a leaking roof may not be noticed for quite some time as the water from each rain storm slowly accumulates in your attic insulation before breaching or leaking onto your ceiling and causing the dreaded brown water marks to appear. If the leak goes on for too long, mold, ceiling damage, and even structural damage can occur. This is why homeowners insurance companies urge their policy holders to have a roof inspection at even the slightest suspicion that your roof may be damaged.  

Signs of Wind Damage to Roof:

  • Shingle edges appear slightly raised, curled or torn
  • Narrow lines near the edges of roofing shingles
  • Scratch marks or discolorations in roofing shingles
  • Bent or loose flashing
  • Damaged ridge or soffit vents
  • Debris sticking to or remaining on roof
  • Water marks in ceiling

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Advantages of Roof PRO 360 For Wind Damage Insurance Roof Replacement

Whether you have obvious wind roof damage or need an inspection to determine if a wind storm damaged your roof, call us today to Get Right and Water Tight with Roof PRO 360. 

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